Intro. Basic introduction to the advanced External App Component (Windows/Ubuntu OS)

Capture/Live HD TV
FireFoxVideo tutorial demonstrates how to use FireFox to embed a Web Browser inside a screen division (Windows/Ubuntu OS)" 

VLC. Video LAN (VLC) is a very powerful Media Player that can play almost any file format as well as stream content. Learn how to embed it inside a screen division (Windows/Ubuntu OS) 

PowerPoint. Add PowerPoint slides directly to a screen division. Take advantage of technologies you are familiar with to enrich your presentation             

Transition effect. Setup special effects

Events and Triggers 


Video wall setup. Setup a Video wall
Power SavingsGo Green. Save energy by turning the SignagePlayer physically On and OFF everyday of the week

Server connections. Learn about how server connections are done

Linux Installation. Learn how to install the SignagePlayer on Linux Ubuntu 9.04. Step by step instructions on how to install and configure the SignagePlayer

Mac Installation. Learn how to install the SignagePlayer on a Mac

Offline Updater (SneakerNet). The tutorial demonstrates how to manually update a remote station that does not have internet connectivity. This is accomplished by exporting all data to a Flash drive and importing it onto the SignagePlayer                

Kiosk. Build a powerful Kiosk system using our Digital Signage platform. Download a working example from

Multi Output. Connect multiple AIRPlayers to a single timeline while combining shared and unique channels among these AIRPlayers

Interrupt mode. Run the signage presentation like a screen save so it kicks in only when no user interaction exists. Great for POS and other system integration.

Music Player. The music player is an integrated part of the AIRPlayer and it allows you to run your own custom music playlists as background music. You can control the music selection remotely

Video Conversion. Learn how to convert none compatible video formats to a compatible ones using a freeware utility



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