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на Андроид, Windows, Mac, iPad и даже внутри вашего веб-браузера
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Выберите картинку компонента для просмотра видеоурока.
Twitter - share your favorite tweets
YouTube - link to the worlds largest video library
Facebook - get social on your screen
Instagram - get your picture on
Google Calendar - what's going on
Google Drive - go direct
Google Picasa - Snapt it, load it
Google Plus - stay in-touch
Digg - what's hot online
World weather - 7 days extended
JSON - JavaScript Object Notation
XML - hook into any database, any format
node.js - custom development
Browser - Google Chrome... loaded
PDF - insert documents or link to external ones
Collection - deploy touch screens
QR code - scan it
Emergency - alerting system
RemoteTouch - let your audience control your screens through mobile technology
Etsy - Buy Directly From Real People!
Chat - let your audience communicate through Digital Signage
500px - high quality imagery
Dropbox - sharing anything
Flickr - photo sharing
Countdown - event counter
RemoteEvents & Queuing - Set values from Javascript client for custom applications
Pinterest - collect the web
Tumblr - share anything
Yelp - is the best way to find great local businesses
Mashape - Get live data on anything